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Plays Nice With Others


We have spent significant time testing Third Reality products to make sure they work well with other popular home automation devices and services. We support the use of our products for the following configurations:

Here are the voice assistants that we have demonstrated compatibility with:

  • Amazon Alexa. Third Reality products are "Works with Alexa" certified.

  • Google Home. Our products have been certified as "Works with Google Assistant".

Zigbee-compatible hubs that have been tested with RealitySwitch and RealityLight:


  • Amazon Echo Plus and Echo Show Gen2 (includes integrated Zigbee hub)

  • Samsung SmartThings hub

  • Wink hub

Third Reality hub (RealityAdapter) is designed to simply connect Third Reality products and is not intended as a general-purpose home automation hub.

Third Reality hub has been naturally designed to work with both the Amazon Echo family and Google Assistants Families of products.​

smart speaker compatibility.jpg



The following devices have been successfully tested to work with Third Reality hub and RealityApp:


  • Philips Hue

  • Sengled Light

  • IKEA Zigbee Light

  • GE Zigbee Switch

  • Sylvania Zigbee Plug


Because the Third Reality hub is based on the Zigbee standard, it may also work with other Zigbee compliant products not listed above. You are welcome to give it a try. However, if you have issues, we suggest you use one of the general purpose Zigbee-compatible hubs listed above, which support a wider range of devices.

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