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Smart Speaker DEV Kit

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Product Details

Complete Hardware Solution: Our Smart Speaker offers a comprehensive hardware solution based on Linux system, providing a stable and versatile platform for various applications.

Open-Source Support: Embracing the spirit of open-source development, our device supports GitHub software, allowing developers to access a wealth of resources and collaborate on innovative projects.

Flexible Development Environment: With 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, you have the freedom to develop, compile, and burn your own custom software, tailoring the device to your specific needs.

Enhanced Voice Capabilities: The Basic version comes equipped with ChatGPT voice capabilities, enabling natural language processing and interaction for a more intuitive user experience.

Versatile Connectivity: The Smart Speaker supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and optional Zigbee protocols, offering seamless integration into various smart home setups. Additionally, it provides a convenient serial port log output for efficient debugging and monitoring during development.

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