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THIRDREALITY Smart Hub Gen2 Plus

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Product Details
  • Easy Setup: Power on Smart Hub Gen2 and just need few minutes to setup it with Third Reality App. No professional technical skills needed, if you have any issues, please feel free to contact us. Note: Only Support 2.4GHz WiFi.
  • Improved Design: THIRDREALITY Smart Hub Gen 2 is a mini ZigBee gateway, which is smaller than a deck of card. With great improve design in the appearance, it’s adopting USB-A connector, no need for charging cable, you can power on it wherever has USB-A port.
  • Reliable, Stable and Fast: Equipment With powerful storage and advanced smart chips, Hub Gen 2 is faster and more stable as opposed to Hub Gen1. Not only the maximum connection distance extends to 50m in the open space, but also the number of connected devices increases to 32.
  • Remote Control: You can monitor the status of your smart home devices everywhere you are. No limited by distance, location, easy to control them remotely, so that you can save energy and keep your home safety.
  • Groups & Timer: Along with Third Reality App, you can have a lot of advanced groups or schedule features for smart home, such as groups, Count down timers, N-way Switch etc. Easy to turn on/off all the ZigBee smart devices in a group with one click. With a countdown timer, you won’t worry about forgetting to turn off the lights.
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