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THIRDREALITY Smart Plug M1 via Wi-Fi Matter, Real-time Energy Monitoring, 15A Smart Outlet, ETL Certified, Work with SmartThings, Apple Home, Amazon, Alexa, Google Home

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Product Details
  • Matter Certified Compatibility: THIRDREALITY Smart Plug M1 has been certified by the Matter protocol, allowing for easy integration into several mainstream smart home ecosystems such as Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Home. This ensures seamless connection and simplifies the setup process, eliminating compatibility issues.
  • Support OTA Upgrade & Energy Monitoring: Directly paired with 3R-MATTER App, no 3rd Hub not required, then you can easily achieve software updates, ensuring that your smart plug stays up to date and get latest technological advances in future. Monitor real-time consumption of your plug-in devices, effectively save energy and reduce waste.
  • Reliable Local Control: Once set up in your local network, this Matter-certified device can directly communicate via Matter protocol, allowing control within local network even if the home internet is offline, reducing dependency on internet or cloud services.
  • Compatible Design and Super Easy Setup: Maximize efficiency and convenience with space-saving design that won’t occupy the adjacent socket. Just scan to add . Please get in touch with us when you meet any problems or need further support.
  • Safety Setting: In order to ensure your home safety, we also realize the function of restoring status that means users can customize on/off/toggle/previous state after powered on again. Currently THIRDREALITY 3R-Matter App support this function.
  • Remote Control & Voice Control: Easily control your home appliances anytime, anywhere, no limited of time and distance. When Smart Plugs connect with Apple Home, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, you can free your hands, just delivering voice commands to turn on/off your plugs.
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