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THIRDREALITY Water Leak Sensor 2 Pack, Provide 2 Kinds of User Views, Both Solutions are available for Individual user and property manager, ZigBee Hub Included.

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[Easy Setup and Using] Take a few minutes, connect Third Reality Hub to Wi-Fi through Third Reality App, then pair the Water Leak Sensor with the Hub, then put it in the place that you want to monitor. Currently we only support 2.4G Wi-Fi.

[Instantly Alerts] When a water leakage occurs, the sensor will sound a loud alarm immediately and you will receive an App notification on your phone whether you’re at home or not. Also, you can check the leakage histories in the App.

[Connect to Multiple Sensors] Third Reality Zigbee Hub has stronger, more stable signal transmission, allowing you to connect up to 10 sensors simultaneously. It can help to monitor all of your home, including bathroom, kitchen, basement, dishwasher, laundry room etc....

[Two Kinds of User Views] After water leak Sensors setup done, they will have authorized codes in the Third Reality Apps. Property Manager can add these sensors into the 3R-Protect Manager App by using these codes, then individual users and Property Managers can monitor these sensors in their respective Apps simultaneously.

[Additional Features for Property Manager] Using 3R-Protect Manager App to have a manager view of all the configured sensors and monitor the water leak any time. More notification selections for Property Manager. Not only App notification, but also provide SMS and Email to ensure that Property Manager can receive the alarm instantly and deal with the leakage in time.

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