Third Reality Remote Plus for Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen)

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  • “Made for Amazon” All-NEW Third Reality Remote Plus for Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen).
    Remote Plus adds three unique features to your Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote: Private Listening, Remote Finder, and a Button Light. · Private Listening: Plug headphones into the Remote Plus audio jack to quickly re-direct sound from TV speakers to headphones. Unplugging headphones will re-direct audio back to TV speakers. · Remote Finder: Find your remote using your phone. Initiate beeping and light flashing using the free mobile app (iOS and Android) to help find your lost remote. · Button Light: Use the built-in LED light to help you see remote buttons in dim light. · LONG BATTERY LIFE: Remote Plus uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery for power, which is independent of the 2 AAA batteries within the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote.
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