Third Reality Smart Switch Gen2 Starter Kit

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Third Reality Smart Switch Gen2 Starter Kit – Everything you need to control any Toggle or Rocker wall switch, no wiring needed. 1 Switch + 1 Hub. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

  • RealitySwitch Plus bundles RealitySwitch with RealityAdapter - the industry's smallest Zigbee hub - to simplify smart home voice integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
  • RealitySwitch is a thin, battery-powered smart switch overlay that snaps on top of an existing toggle or rocker electrical switch and mechanically controls the underlying switch. It is narrow enough that it can be placed next to each other in multi-gang switch applications.
  • RealityAdapter is the industry’s smallest home automation hub, smaller than a deck of cards. It plugs in-line with the power cable from either Amazon or Google voice assistants and communicates with RealitySwitches. It supports mesh range extension.
  • ReaityAdapter DC4.0 model Compatible for Echo Dot (1st Gen; 2nd Gen; 3rd Gen); Echo Spot; Echo Show (1ST Gen); Google Home Mini
  • RealitySwitch provides an easy, hassle-free smart switch installation solution. Works great for renters who cannot change apartment wiring or in older buildings without the neutral wire required for most smart switches.
  • Control your home’s lighting and fans with your voice; Wirelessly turn lights on/off using your voice directly with Amazon Echo series and Google home series
  • Free download of RealityApp from Apple store or Google Play. Create schedules to reduce energy costs or monitor and control your home switches remotely from your smartphone.
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