Third Reality Smart Switch Gen2

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Third Reality Smart Switch Gen2 - Smart Switch Overlay, upgrade existing Toggle or Rocker switches, No Wiring Required. Voice Control with Alexa/Google Home, Requires a Zigbee Hub

  • Improved RealitySwitch. Thinner, quieter battery-powered smart switch overlay that snaps on top of your existing toggle or rocker electrical switches and mechanically controls the underlying switch.
  • RealitySwitch provides an easy, hassle-free smart switch installation solution. Works great for renters who cannot change apartment wiring or in older buildings without the neutral wire required for most smart switches.
  • Wirelessly turn lights on/off using your voice directly with RealityAdapter and Amazon Echo or Google home voice assistants (not included).
  • Control your home’s lighting and fans with your voice, create schedules to reduce energy costs or monitor and control your home switches remotely from your smartphone.
  • Two AA batteries provides up to one-year of battery life with regular use. Reality switches are narrow enough that they can be placed next to each other in multi-gang switch applications.
  • RealitySwitch requires a Zigbee-compatible hub (not included) to enable external control. Compatible hubs include Third Reality RealityAdapter, Amazon Echo Plus (with built-in Zigbee hub), Samsung SmartThings hub.
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