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The Optimization of THIRDREALITY Smart Switch Gen3 Accessory

We have always been paying attention to the users’ feedback information on Smart Switch Gen3 that the plastic fasteners equipped with THIRDREALITY Smart Switch Gen3 are easy to get broken. And we have worked on the optimization of the plastic fasteners, now we are excited to announce---- the optimization of the plastic fasteners has been completed! We changed the material of the plastic fasteners so that the life span of the plastic fasteners has been extended. Meanwhile, we also updated the structure slide so that it can fit more switch plate and more powerful to turn on/ff the switch.

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Jan 20, 2023

You MUST use at least one of the soft rubber spacers behind this hard plastic 'fastener'. Of the three provided I used the middle thickness. So wall plate-soft rubber spacer-hard plastic daisy pedal like fastener then screwed in about finger tight then snug. Too tight snaps the daisy fastener the switch hangs on as you pop on the switch. I hang switch on top one then slowly pull down slightly and push on over the lower one making sure the inner moving slide is in correct position over the toggle switch.

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