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THIRDREALITY has completed the OTA update of Temperature and Humidity Sensor on

THIRDREALITY has completed the OTA update of Temperature and Humidity Sensor on ZigBee Home Automation(hereinafter referred as “ZHA”). Follow the instructions below to complete the OTA update(the update is divided into 2 part).

Test Environment:

Dongle: Nortek Stick or ConBeeⅡ or NXP 5169

Home Assistant Operating System: Windows Vmware Workstation

1.File configuration

Users need to write the codes(shown below) to configuration.yaml




thirdreality_provider: true


default: info


zigpy: debug

homeassistant.components.zha: debug

And for more detailed information about configuration.yaml, please refer to:

2. OTA setup

1) Go to device info pagea dongle

2)Go to device info page

3) Click the bottom right button, choose “Manage zigbee device”

4)Click “Clusters” in the pop-out window and then choose “Ota” in the drop-down box

5)Then choose “COMMANDS”, drop down the menu and select “image_notify”

6)Choose “Query Jitter” and move the “query_Jitter” slide to any value, then enter “0” into “manufacturer_code*”, “image_type*”, and “new_file_version*”

7) Finally click “ISSUE ZIGBEE COMMAND” in the bottom of the window.

3. Demonstration in the Log

Enter into the “Terminal”,input tail -f home-assistant.log | egrep 'zigpy.ota|zigpy.util|zigpy.*OTA' Here you can see the process of “OTA”.

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