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THIRDREALITY Launched Two Smart Night Lights

Third Reality, Inc., an innovative smart home company, has recently launched two customizable Smart Night Lights (one supports Matter Thread and the other supports Matter WiFi). Our users can select the night light according to their requirements. The biggest highlight of the two Smart Night Light may be the Matter protocol, with which the smart devices can work cooperatively and interactively without the limitation.

For those who enjoys the customization of their smart home system, the Smart Night light provides the fully open source of the hardware and software so that they can define the build-in motion and light sensor, color LED all by themselves to comply with their preference and habits.

The Night Light Dev Kit with Thread Support is using Bouffalolab BL706 Thread module, while Night Light Dev Kit with WiFi Support using Bouffalolab BL602 Wifi module. With the two Smart Night Lights which have all the support on GitHub, users can develop, compile, and test Thread-Matter& WiFi-Matter projects all by themselves.

For now, we have already tested the Night Light with Thread support is compatible with Apple HomePod Mini and Google Nest Hub Gen2. And the other Night Light with WiFi support has been tested with Apple HomePod Mini, Google Nest Hub Gen2 and Amazon Echo V4.

For more details, please visit our Amazon store:

Night Light Dev Kit with Thread Support:

Night Light Dev Kit with WiFi Support:

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