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Ideal solution to safely getting your gas fireplace working with your SmartHome

By Ted Domurat January 10, 2019

Verified Purchase: RealitySwitch Gen 1

This is the perfect solution to getting your gas fireplace working with your SmartHome. It’s very simple to install and sync. I’ve been looking for a simple and safe solution to integrate my fireplace with our Alexa and SmartThings hub for months. I found this and gave it a try and it’s perfect.

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Make any wall switch a "Smart Switch" that works with Alexa or Google Assistant

By Neal Kinney  June 9, 2018

Verified Purchase: RealitySwitch Gen 1


I was looking for a way to control several smart switches that I intended to install in my Airbnb that worked with a voice assistant and ran into two big problems. First of all, my home was fully integrated with Amazon Alexa and I did not want Airbnb guests accidentally turning off my lights or TV. This was solved by adding an inexpensive Google Assistant speaker and a second (used) Wink hub. The second problem was the fact that not a single switch box in the Apartment had a required neutral wire. That forced me to narrow my search to Smart Wall Switches that do not require a neutral wire and that still will work with Google Home. All had drawbacks. Then I came across a brand-new listing in Amazon for the RealitySwitch made by Third Reality Inc. It was a simple external add-on to any toggle or rocker wall switch that operated by pressing a single button. It was completely wireless and powered by a couple of standard AA batteries. It worked so well that I ordered 4 more of them. "Hey Google" turn the kitchen lights on." Works beautifully.

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By Phillygal
March 16, 2019
Verified Purchase: RealitySwitch Gen 2 (STARTER KIT)

This product is exactly what I wanted to control my wall switch for my fireplace! I was able to set up 75% of the install, but need technical assistance pairing to Alexa. Nam from Third Reality was GREAT! He stayed with me until this was completed. We also had help from Eli at Amazon-Alexa. Both of these gentlemen were terrific. I've only had the switch for 2 days, but now that I have it up and running, it's working great. It was definitely "operator error" in the beginning, but I'm a quick learner (and 80 years old), so if I can do this, anyone can!!

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Plus version is better than original 

By Grant
December 28, 2018
Verified Purchase: RealitySwitch Gen 2 (1 PACK)


Already owned and liked the original Reality Switch model but wanted to see what’s different in the new Plus version.

After some time to compare, The Reality Switch Plus is almost identical to the original model in terms of basic design and function. However there are some slight differences that make the Plus version better. The biggest difference is that the Plus version looks way better. The front is now all clean white instead of the shiny silver (ugly) bottom part on the front of the original version. I suspect the silver part was to help boost the zigbee antenna, so I hope the Plus version range isn’t affected. The Plus version is also a tad bit slimmer from front to back, barely noticible unless you compare it to the original. I like the fact that the Plus version uses the same adapter plate as the original so if you are upgrading all you need is to remove the old and snap in the new one.

The other difference is the sound of the motor of the Plus device. The Plus model is indeed actually quieter than the original. It looks like this is because the motor actually moves slower. You can still hear it move though and it’s not a night and day difference, so if the sound bothered you before it’s still there just a bit quieter.

The other nice surprising thing is that my Smartthings v2 hub natively discovered the device as “RealitySwitch Plus” automatically so I didn’t have to mess with any device handlers.

I would definitely recommend this device if you are afraid to wire a switch or don’t have a neutral wire. Is it worth upgrading if you have the older model? That depends if looks (and slightly reduced noise) matter to you. 

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Cost effective, easy installation and works with both Alexa and Google Home 

By Bhupal Dharia
February 24, 2019
Verified Purchase: Reality Hub

Cost effective, Easy Installation and works with both Alexa and Google Home

I recently bought the Third Reality Hub (RealityAdapter) as well as the Third Reality Smart Light. This is my review of the Third Reality Hub after using it for the past one week.

First, the pros.

The Third Reality Hub (RealityAdapter) is very cost-effective way to have home automation when you already own an Echo product (without Zigbee hub) or Google Home. I have the first generation Echo tower as well Google Home. Neither of those two devices have Zigbee hub which is required for control of Zigbee-based smart devices. I was not ready to spend $149 on a new Echo Plus (with Zigbee hub) for home automation. The Third Reality Adapter solved my problem. RealityAdapter is essentially an Zigbee hub which is required for the control of devices like ThirdReality Smart LED Light bulb.

Since this was my first Third Reality device, I was required to create an account with ThirdReality on their app on the Android PlayStore. I am sure they have similar app on the Apple AppStore. It was very simple to sign up on their App and it is required for authentication when you link the ThirdReality Adapter on the Alexa app or the Google Home App.

Setting up the ThirdReality Adapter and also the Third Reality Smart Bulb was very easy with the Alexa app. Click on three horizontal lines on top left corner (Menu) on the Alexa app and Select “Add Device”. Select “Hub” and follow the instructions. Alexa has a concept of “Group” and Google has a concept of “Room”.

We could not install light dimmer next to our bed because of room layout and windows next to bed. Getting up from bed every time to change the light setting was not fun. Now, my wife is happy because she can control the light using voice commands. She likes to dim the light as it gets closer to bedtime. She also prefers to change the light from cool white to warm white at bedtime. She is able to control it very easily and is happy with simple solution I provided.

I also prefer to have the lights on and off at random time when we are not at home. This is even more important when we are on long vacations. I can now easily control the lights remotely.

The only negative about this product is that I wanted to buy four bulbs but there was no discount for buying four pack. Hence, I decided to start with single bulb at first. I wish there was discount for buying four pack of bulbs.

I will strongly recommend this product based on the cost, ease of installation, a single solution which works with both Alexa and Google and most importantly, it made my spouse happy. 

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Another cog in my home automation wheel - app dimmable bulb 

By Praveen Kumar
March 6, 2019
Verified Purchase: RealityLight BulbBR30 (1 PACK)

I was looking for a replacement for my old bulb that can be automated using my Google Home and I came across BR30. This bulb is perfect (900 lumens) for my room. The packaging was good with a very nice instruction on installing their mobile app (IPhone/Android) and integrating with the Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The installation of the app and integration with my Google Home was very smooth.

The best part is I don't have to buy a dimmer switch as I can use the app to control the brightness of the bulb - very nice. 

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Perfect product for a big need. 

By Louis S Nevins
January 17, 2019
Verified Purchase: RealitySwitch Gen 2 (1 PACK)

It was easy to setup. I realized the hard way that the rubber spacer is necessary or it just pops itself off the wall. I put this on my fan switch and it took under 5 minutes. I immediately ordered 2 more! Exactly as described and it works with both connected home voice systems (Amazon/Google). I like choice. I'm a big sudden fan of Third Reality. 

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This may be your switch! 

By Matt A.
May 10, 2018
Verified Purchase: RealitySwitch Gen 1 (1 PACK)

I love this switch! For people like me, an apartment dweller or for people who just don't want to mess with wires this is your switch!
It is a little on the thick side but that's the compromise for a switch like this one (Nature of the beast). Unlike offerings from SwitchMate and Echolink, it is much thinner. One should fit on a double gang switch. The noise it makes is not really much quieter than the Echolink I will be replacing it with but due to its design and the use of a spiral gear the duration of the noise is much shorter. The way it mounts is a love/hate compromise. I love how easy it is to mount but hate the way it isn't flusher. 

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