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Can RealityAdapter connect with a 5GHz Wi-Fi network?

No, RealityAdapter only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channels. Most 5 GHz Wi-Fi routers also support 2.4 GHz, during RealityAdapter installation make sure to specify a network that supports 2.4GHz channels.

Can I use Third Reality devices with Samsung SmartThings?

Yes, follow this procedure. (Note: RealitySwitch has been officially supported by Smartthings. There is no need to use handler as suggested before) 1. Login to the SmartThings App and bind the hub. You can reference the SmartThings manual about binding steps. 2. If you use the SmartThings App 2015, select " add a thing" to get RealitySwitch/ RealitySwitch Plus set up. If you use SmartThings App 2018, select "Add device" --> " Switch/Dimmer"--> "GE Zigbee" to get RealitySwitch/ RealitySwitch Plus set up. The blue LED light of RealitySwitch/ RealitySwitch Plus is fast blinking, indicating that it is in pairing mode. * Smartthings currently has two edition App: App 2015 and 2018. We will suggest you use App 2018 with your Samsung account for a more stable connection. Watch our YouTube channel if you need additional help of pairing with RealitySwitch with a SmartThings hub

How do I use Third Reality devices with a Wink hub?

1. Login to the Wink App and pair the hub. You can reference the Wink manual about pairing steps. 2. You will need to set RealitySwitch/ RealitySwitch Plus as “Lighting” → “Lights” → “Generic Zigbee Light Blub”in Wink App. The blue LED light of RealitySwitch/ RealitySwitch Plus should be blinking fast, indicating that it is in pairing mode. 3. Click "CONNECT NOW" until "SUCCESS" appears. RealitySwitch LED should stop flashing when connected to Wink successfully. * Wink hub must requires to be located at least 15 feet away from any other Wi-Fi devices, please refer to Wink FAQ for details.

What can I do if RealitySwitch does not respond even if I have used a new battery?

Take out battery. Press the front button a few times to drain power inside circuit board. Then put back battery and try again.

Where can I find a device install video?

You can find Third Reality device installation videos on YouTube.

Reality Switch

I can’t pair Reality Switch with the hub.

Try pairing the switch again while closer to the hub. Delete the switch if it shows up in the RealityApp. Put the switch in pairing mode by long pressing the button until the blue LED blinks rapidly. Then add the switch as a new device in RealityApp.

RealitySwitch operates, but the light won’t switch. Why?

Adjust the height of the backplate with the provided spacers so that the switch turns both "ON" and "OFF" without binding.

Some toggle switches are designed where the "OFF" position is lower in height than "ON". This may prevent RealitySwitch from working properly. To address this, install the RealitySwitch and any needed spacers with the toggle in the “ON” position.

My RealitySwitch On/Off status is inverted. How do I fix this?

If you find that your on/off status is inverted, press the RealitySwitch button for around 10 to 15 seconds. The status will be corrected once the blue LED lights up, then release the hold.

RealitySwitch loses connection with the hub (LED blinking slowly)

Generally, it will be automatically reconnected when putting the switch closer to the hub. If the problem persists (LED blinking slowly), please try to reconnect/re-discover your device with the hub. If you have a range issue, you may need to relocate the hub closer to the switch or add an additional hub to act as a repeater for more distant switches.

How do I factory reset RealitySwitch?

If you need to factory reset the RealitySwitch, long press the button more than 30 seconds until the blue LED blinks rapidly. The switch is now in pairing mode, and you can re-pair the device in the RealityApp

How to pair RealitySwitch again with Amazon’s Echo Plus?

Sometimes you need to reset both the Echo Plus and the switch to pair again. Please follow these steps:

a. Reset the Echo Plus for 5 seconds until orange LED lights up.

b. Reset the switch by pressing the button until the LED begins blinking fast.

c. Reconnect/re-pair the device with RealityApp.

Instructions for switches that include a separate dimmer setting

You should adjust brightness of the dimmer to the proper level before mounting the RealitySwitch backplate.

The LED is double blinking, what does it mean?

If the LED double blinks, this indicates low battery status, please replace the batteries.

How do you turn off the blinking LED when it’s not paired with anything?

Remove the batteries, then hold down the switch button while you re-install the batteries.

Reality Hub

How do I upgrade RealityAdapter to the latest version?

RealityAdapter can be upgraded through the RealityApp. Long press the RealityAdapter icon to get into the device detail page then click “Check for updates”. Do not disconnect power or network while device is updating. *During updating, all devices connected to the adapter will not function until the upgrade is completed.

What happens if the RealityAdapter loses connection with power or internet?

All devices should reconnect automatically. However if a device can't recover, try moving it closer to the RealityAdapter or re-pair the device.

Why are my SmartThings hub and APP having difficulty finding my Third RealitySwitch?

Please check your SmartThings APP version, if you are using the 2018 version (the icon is 6 small circles), please go to try version 2015 (the icon is a big circle). Because the 2108 version does not refresh correctly, it will sometimes, incorrectly displays a message indicating that no device has been found. Typically when this happens, the switch has actually has been already added to the devices list, the 2015 version does not have this issue.

When I pair my switch with smartthings hub, why does the LED on the switch go from fast blinking to off, then shortly thereafter, the LED on the switch begins fast blinking again before failing to join the network?

If this happen, please check your SmartThings hub model, if your model number is ET-WV52X (ET-WV520, ET-WV525, etc.), please make sure your firmware number is 000.024.052 or above (this can be found on your SmartThings APP). If the firmware version is lower than that version, the SmartThing hub is not a full Zigbee 3.0 compatible product, it may have compatiblity issue with a standard Zigbee 3.0 device like the Third Reality switch.

Reality App

Can I control my devices from outside my home?

Yes. You can control and manage Third Reality devices from RealityApp wherever you are, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

How do I add new Third Reality devices in RealityApp?

Third Reality devices can be added as follows:

  1. You must first install a hub to connect your devices to, either RealityAdapter or a third-party hub (Echo Plus, Wink, SmartThings).
  2. Click “+ New device” from main screen, select the adapter you are connecting to and choose the device type (switch, light, etc).
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.

“Error, time out” during Third Reality hub setup

This message indicate that pairing failed. Reset Reality hub and put it in pairing mode by pressing the "Reset" button with a pin or paper clip. Move Reality hub closer to the Wi-Fi router to improve the network connection, then re-pair Reality hub with the App. Make sure the Wi-Fi password has been entered correctly during the setup.

“No device was found” during RealitySwitch setup

This message indicate that the pairing failed. During pairing, the ZigBee LED of RealityAdapter should be slow blinking. If not, restart RealityAdapter and pair RealitySwitch with the App again. If you still have difficulty pairing RealitySwitch, please contact Customer Support and provide your device mode number to get further assistance.

Can I connect other Zigbee devices with RealityAdapter and RealityApp?

RealityAdapter was designed primarily to connect Third Reality devices. Please see the compatibility page ( //.. support/compatibility) to see which devices we have tested for interoperability. As RealityAdapter is a Zigbee device, it may also work with other Zigbee-compatible devices not on the compatibility list. If a device not on the list does not connect, we suggest using a general purpose Zigbee hub designed for broader interoperability.

RealityAdapter shows as offline in RealityApp

Check the Wi-Fi LED of RealityAdapter, if it is slow blinking, move RealityAdapter closer to the Wi-Fi router and restart RealityAdapter. If the Wi-Fi LED stays on without blinking, sign out and sign back in to RealityApp.

I clicked the icon in the App to control the device, the device responsed but the icon didn’t.

A device icon may not respond due to a weak network connection. You can scroll down the screen to refresh its status.

Can I set a timer to turn a device on and off?

Yes, you can use the RealityApp Timer function to control the length of time to turn a device on/off.

What happens if RealityAdapter loses connection with power or Internet?

All devices should re-connect automatically. But if a device can't recover, move it closer to RealityAdapter or re-power the device.


Can RealityLight works with dimmer?

No. Like most of smart LED light bulbs, RealityLight does not work with dimmer.

Night Light

How do I set a schedule/timer to control the Night Light?

You can follow the steps below to set a schedule/timer to control the Night Light.

  1. Insert your Night Light into Echo Flex USB Port.
  2. Echo Flex will detect your Night Light automatically. If Echo Flex does not detect the Night Light automatically, please see “How to manually have Echo Flex to sync up new Devices” below.
  3. In Alexa app, selects, “Options” at the top left as below:
4.Select “Routines” as below: 5. In the “CREATE A ROUTINE” page, click “+” sign to create a routine “Everyday , at 18:30” as below: 6. In the “NEW ROUTINE” page, click “+” sign along with “When this happens” as below: 7. In the “WHEN THIS HAPPENS” page, select “Schedule” as below. 8. In the “Schedule” page, there are 3 choices. You can set the time according to you request. e.g. 18:30: a. Click “At Time”, two options will be available. b. Select 18:30 under “At Time” c. Tap “Select” belong to “Repeat” to choose how many days a week you want this routine work, e.g. Every Day. 9. Back on the main page, click “+” sign along with “Add action”. a. Select “Smart Home” 10. If your Smart Night Light has been setup, you should see “Lights” under “All Devices” 11. Select “Light”, there may be a lot of choices depending to your actual situation. So, you will need to confirm which one is our Smart Night Light and select it. e.g. First Light. 12. In the “First Light” page , select power ON, and the brightness and color according to your preference.

How to turn off Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)?

If you want to turn off ambient light sensor or ALS:

  • Unplug and plug back in the Night Light from the Echo Flex for four times.

Troubleshooting your Night Light?

If the Night Light has become unresponsive, please try the following:

  • Unplug the Night Light from Echo Flex
  • Reboot your Echo Flex by unplugging and plugging it back in
  • After Echo Flex has completed rebooting, plug the Night Light back to the Echo Flex
  • Restart the Alexa app.

Motion Sensor

How do I create routines for the Motion Sensor to turn off light after 1 minute?

The step by step guide to create routines for the Motion Sensor to turn off light after 1 minute. Also check out this Yourtube video:

How do I change the motion sensor sensitivity from high (default) to low?

If you want to change the Motion Sensor sensitivity from high (default) to low:

  • Unplug and plug in the Motion Sensor from Echo Flex for four times.
  • The blue LED will flash slowly while it’s starting up, indicating that sensitivity is set to low. Otherwise it will flash rapidly, meaning sensitivity is set to high.
  • Also check out this Youtube video:

How do I troubleshoot Motion Sensor?

If the Motion Sensor has become unresponsive, please try the following:

  • Unplug the Motion Sensor from the Echo Flex
  • Reboot your Echo Flex by unplugging and plugging it back in
  • After Echo Flex has completed rebooting, plug the Motion Sensor back to the Echo Flex
  • Restart the Alexa app.

Remote Plus

How to pair Remote Plus and update firmware?

1). 1), Download “Third Reality” app
2), Tap “+” in the app to pair and add device
3). In order to pair device, press Volume down key, “-” and Light button at the same time.

Once you successfully pair the device, you will see the picture below,

You can tap Remote in the app to beep and find the Remote.

Also, you can long press Remote to change settings.

4). In settings, you can delete Remote or upgrade Remote firmware.

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