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Smart Home Accessories

We are officially an Amazon ACS (Amazon Common Software) Solution Providers. For details, please check the Amazon ACS developer site.


Certified “Made for Amazon” Smart Home accessories


Third Reality Smart Night Light

  • VOICE CONTROL: Alexa enabled Smart Night Light featuring voice-controlled, dimmable, color LEDs.

  • HASSLE-FREE SETUP: Installs in seconds. Just plug it into Ehco Flex and Alexa automatically discovers it.

  • AUTO ON/OFF: Built-in Light sensor automatically turns the Smart Night Light on when it’s dark, off when its bright.

  • EASILY CUSTOMIZE: Using the Alexa app, create your own routines to turn your Night Light on and off when you want and to your favorite color and brightness

  • VIBRANT COLORS: With 6 RGB energy efficient LEDs, All-New Third Reality Smart Night Lights can display colors with brightness up to 20 lumens. 

NL_007 copy.jpg
NL_006 copy.jpg

Third Reality Smart Sensor 

  • STAY ALERTED: Using the Alexa app, create your own routines that are triggered when motion is detected. Customize Alexa messages like “Welcome Home” or “Motion Detected in Living Room”

  • SMART LIGHT CONTROL: If you have a smart light or smart plug connected to Alexa, you can automatically turn it on when motion is detected (and off when no motion is detected)

  • HASSLE-FREE SETUP: Installs in seconds. Just plug it into Echo Flex and Alexa automatically discovers it.

  • PIR SENSOR: Detects Motion up to 20 feet (6 meters) away

  • NO BATTERIES NEEDED: Powered directly by Echo Flex, your will never need to worry about changing batteries.

Third Reality Remote Plus 

  • “Made for Amazon” All-NEW Third Reality Remote Plus for Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen).

  • Remote Plus adds three unique features to your Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen): Private Listening, Remote Finder, and a Button Light.

    • Private Listening: Plug headphones into the Remote Plus audio jack to quickly re-direct sound from TV speakers to headphones. Unplugging headphones will re-direct audio back to TV speakers.    

    • Remote Finder: Find your remote using your phone. Initiate beeping and light flashing using the free mobile app (iOS and Android) to help find your lost remote.

    • Button Light: Use the built-in LED light to help you see remote buttons in dim light.

    • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Remote Plus uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery for power, which is independent of the 2 AAA batteries within the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote.

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