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Your Smart Home Choice

Qualified by Amazon

Control your smart devices with your voice​

Works with Third Reality Devices (Switches, Lights, ..., etc.)

User-defined smart home key styles

Cost effective and high performance

Elegantly designed to complement different home designs 

Voice control for your smart home

Manage compatible smart home devices using your voice. Switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, turn on the coffee maker on your way to the kitchen, or dim the lights from your couch to watch a movie.

You can also enable Alexa Guard to get Smart Alerts if your Echo device detects the sound of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or glass breaking. Learn more about how Guard can help you keep your home safe when you’re away.

Third Reality, Inc has been qualified by Amazon as an Alexa voice service provider. The solution has been qualified by Amazon.


RealityVoice is a smart speaker with Alexa built-in, integrated with Zigbee hub.


RealityVoice works with Third Reality smart home devices including RealitySwitch, RealityLight (A19 & BR30), and more.

RealityVoice 101.png
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For more info about AVS, please check AVS Developer portal:

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