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Third Reality, Inc., A Smart Reality Company

We are officially an Amazon ACS (Amazon Common Software) Solutions Provider. For details, please see the Amazon ACS developer site.

Smart Speaker Accessories .jpg

Third Reality Smart Button, a standard ZigBee 3.0 device, it can direct connect with SmartThings 2015&2018, Aeotec, Hubitat, Third Reality Smart Hub and Home Assistant. and support three types of control settings - Pressed, Double Pressed and Held, remote control smart home devices or groups with one action. 


A smart honeycomb blinds with simple installation and convenient control (both online and offline). It can direct connect with the compatible Echo Devices, enable voice control and app control. Simply using your voice to let the blinds open or close. 


We are a qualified Alexa voice provider. Third Reality Smart Speakers are the smallest smart speaker with Alexa built in. Each speaker is integrated with Zigbee hub to enable Alexa services, and to control various smart home devices.

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Amazon ThirdReality accessories, including Smart Night Light, Motion Sensor and Remote Plus, intelligently complement the Amazon smart home family.

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Moving forward, Third Reality will bring more and more innovative products to market.

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